Boobs & Dinks

is a multi-dimensional body of work which began in 2007 with the creation of Early Detection Kits—crocheted breasts and penises containing small lumps that can be found by following illustrated instructions in screenprinted booklets. Even though the plush multiples contain a sinister possibility—garden pebbles stand in for possibly malignant tumors—interacting with the project is a calming exercise. BOOBS & DINKS touches people’s fears and human underbellies through the traditional, “soft” form of crochet. Broadly, the project initiates conversations about our bodies and confronts the idea of human frailty.

BOOBS & DINKS has several other components: A  short PSA style film features models demonstrating self-examination. Life sized cut-out figures wearing crocheted strap-ons allow viewers to follow along with the video. A series of screenprints highlights moments of play, tenderness and expectation between models as they experience examination.