What is a book? What can books DO? Where can books take us? And, once we make a book, how does it go out into the world? 

I was THRILLED to participate in Stephanie Springgay's incredible research project The Pedagogical Impulse on a project that fostered enormous growth for me as an artist and educator.

 # (Insert Awe­some Title Here) And Other Fan­tas­tic Sto­ries was a book con­ceived, writ­ten, illus­trated, designed and published by 13 artists in grades 6 to 8 dur­ing an eight week work­shop at Story Planet.

Led by myself and Joanna Labri­ola, the work­shop ques­tioned the nature and scope of pub­li­ca­tion. We focused on three dis­cus­sions. First, how where we encounter books influ­ences the way we read them. Sec­ond, how artists use the form of the book to pro­duce uncon­ven­tional con­tent or struc­tures. Third, how pub­li­ca­tion is uniquely sit­u­ated to give us polit­i­cal agency.

In addi­tion to pub­lish­ing a book, work­shop par­tic­i­pants learned to screen­print, made but­tons, cre­ated small zines, pro­duced tshirts, and launched every­thing at a clos­ing party with per­for­mances and readings.