"Wilson has some fancy name for it, but I call it macanaccady. Anything I can't analyze in the eating line I call macanaccady and anything wet that puzzles me I call shallamagouslem. Wilson's tea is shallamagouslem."
~ Norman Douglas in Rainbow Valley by LM Montgomery

You'd have to dig rather deep into Anne Lore to dig up this gem, from Rainbow Valley, Lucy Maude's 7th Anne novel about the Blythe children. Macanaccady & Shallamagouslem are words that mean-- junk. So this page collects all the odds and ends that don't fall into neat categories. If ever I met someone who knew the term "macanaccady & shallamagouslem" apart from this page, I can assure you it would be an epoch in my life. They're of the Race That Knows Joseph!