Plants You Can't Kill

Like my other crochet projects, Plants You Can’t Kill are attractive on the surface while also speaking to our human insecurities. These pretty little cacti, aloe plants, flowering pots, ferns and other botanicals look darling on the windowsill but are particularly resonant with those of us who can’t keep the real thing alive.

After dozens of failed attempts at indoor gardening, I just decided to crochet plants my own damn self.

These plants are for sale in my online shop, and in several stores across Canada and the USA. See Stocklists below for locations.


If you can’t grow a real one (or even if you can) a plush moustache is the next best thing.

Pin a plushtache to your lapel to twiddle during conversational lulls. Keep one in your pocket for all day comfort. Sleep with a plushtache under your pillow and dream of hirsute companions. Wear one at school to show your friends how much you’ve matured. Plushtaches seem like a silly gimmick, but may raise some questions about gender performance.

Boobs & Dinks

is a multi-dimensional body of work which began in 2007 with the creation of Early Detection Kits—crocheted breasts and penises containing small lumps that can be found by following illustrated instructions in screenprinted booklets. Even though the plush multiples contain a sinister possibility—garden pebbles stand in for possibly malignant tumors—interacting with the project is a calming exercise. BOOBS & DINKS touches people’s fears and human underbellies through the traditional, “soft” form of crochet. Broadly, the project initiates conversations about our bodies and confronts the idea of human frailty.

BOOBS & DINKS has several other components: A  short PSA style film features models demonstrating self-examination. Life sized cut-out figures wearing crocheted strap-ons allow viewers to follow along with the video. A series of screenprints highlights moments of play, tenderness and expectation between models as they experience examination.

Playing Doctor

A  humourous offshoot of Boobs & Dinks, PLAYING DOCTOR includes: crocheted finger puppets, boobie lapel pins and Gender Blender paper dolls.

This project offers a fun alternative to more clinical approaches to sex education.

In 2008, PLAYING DOCTOR was generously supported by the City of Toronto via the Toronto Arts Council, which enabled the creation of an online extension at

Anatomical Hearts

Thumpa thumpa!